NNS LLC Brands

NNS LLC is a Series A LLC, and holds 3 subordinate companies.  Norie Shoes, EQWAL Footing and Norie Carbon.  All companies primary focus is womens footwear serving comfort first and beautiful always

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Norie Shoes

Norie Shoe Company is a luxury shoe that are made in Italy with the worlds best Italian materials and made by the worlds best shoe makers.  Norie Shoes are available online and in small boutiques in the United States.  


Amina Sandal

Some women command an audience while others communicate without saying a word. No matter how you decide to make your statement, Amina, the summer sandal stiletto heel, means exactly what she says. 


EQWAL Footing

EQWAL Footing offers military grade combat boots sized for the female foot.  We provide protective footwear for women in the military as well as women in the construction industries; mechanical engineers; HVAC; police/security/correctional officers.

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G65-WAC-500 and C63-WAC-100

Military grade combat boots sized for the female foot.  Yet, meet all military regulatory requirements, breathable footbed, non slip outsole, speed lace system, and additional comfort to support the ankle, heel and foot.


Norie Carbon

Norie Carbon offer atheleisure footwear with fresh logos, we use a combination of PVC and EVA.  We have cool logos, trendy sayings, horoscopes, modern colors, and memory foam is available on some models.  


Scorpio Slipper

Black Scorpio logo slipper 

Athleisure Flip Flops

Can be worn inside and outside

Sustainable Material Used -PVC